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Subclass 187 – RSMS – Substitution of work experience for formal qualifications

Many members have contacted the MIA seeking clarification of the interaction between substituted years of years of work experience for formal qualifications and the associated requirements for work experience for the RSMS skills exemptions.

Policy has clarified that these periods of time can be served concurrently and the requirements may overlap, at Assessment under 187.234(c) – streamlined skills assessment for all other applicants:

Work experience substituting for formal qualifications

…’The supporting documentation should make clear that in the absence of formal qualifications, the person’s substituting work experience during the three or five years under ANZSCO was indeed at a level similar to what formal training and qualifications would have enabled and allowed them to do.

Any periods of work performed in any occupational training capacity (for example, an apprentice, trainee or assistant) do not count as unrestricted work experience and cannot be counted towards work experience substituting for formal qualifications..

… Periods of work experience substituting for formal qualifications is separate from the requirement that applicants must demonstrate three years of work experience. Since sub-clause 187.234(c)(iii) applies to applicants who have obtained formal qualifications, it is also a requirement on applicants who are deemed to be qualified on the basis of previous work experience.

However, the work experience requirement under 187.234(c)(iii) can be served concurrently when work experience substitutes for the formal qualifications as per ANZSCO under 187.234(c)(ii).

In other words, in cases where there is ‘overlap’ between regulations 187.234(c)(ii) and 187.234(c)(iii), the applicant will only require three years of work experience rather than six years, or five years of work experience rather than eight years, depending on the occupation and the relevant ANZSCO provision.’

  Source: www.mia.org.au

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