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Case Study: VISA 188A Sponsored By Victorian Government

Business Visa 188A

Mr. L had successfully applied for business migration visa subclass 163 which was nominated by the Western Australian government 11 years ago. However after doing business for 1 year in Australia, he gave up the opportunity to continue managing business and apply for PR visa. That was because his parents was sick and needed him return to take care of them. Since then, Mr. L and Mrs L have applied Australian business visa twice, but unfortunately, both of the visa applications were rejected. One is  Mr. L applied for a 163 visa and the other is Mr. L’s wife applied for a 165 visa.

This time, Mr. L found Smart Choice Education and Migration to seek help. After discussing the immigration plan with the migration agent in depth, he decided to apply for the 188a visa sponsored by the Victorian Government with Mr. L as the main applicant. The preparation of the preliminary materials was very smooth. Mr. L has a good education background, and the company he runs is also a high-tech industry with good profit.His EOI score is 75 points. He received an invitation letter and submitted a visa within one month.

After waiting for 7 months, the Immigration Department asked Mr. L and his wife to come to Hong Kong for an interview. Mr. L and his wife were very nervous at this time because they had two records of refusal. After sorting out the business immigration visas they applied for in the past, the migration agents point out that the focus of the interview was how to explain the source of funds. That’s because Mr. L’s wife declared a large amount of assets when she applied visa 165, and Mr. L also reported some assets in his two 163 visa applications.

Since the visa information previously applied is recorded in the Immigration Department, this interview must explain all the assets that have been declared to a reasonable source of funds. The immigration agent provided interview counselling and mock interviews for Mr. L and his wife, and each financial issue has a corresponding document. Mr. L and his wife took a suitcase of documents to Hong Kong for an interview, and finally passed the interview and successfully obtained a 188a visa grant letter. Mr. L’s family is very happy. After more than ten years, they finally fulfilled their dream of living in Australia!

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