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Case Study: Visa 155 granted successfully

VISA 155

Mr. W is holding Australian visa 155 in China. He plans to renew his visa 155 and return to Australia to satisfy his residence. However, since this was the second time he applied for a return visa, and after the first successful approval of 155, Mr. W did not go to Australia to meet the residence requirements, which makes this application extremely difficult. Normally Mr. W can only be granted a short-term visa for up to 3 months or even directly refused his application, but no matter which one it is, his Australian PR will eventually become invalid.

Smart Choice’s migration agent communicated closely with Mr. W on his visa issues, and gave professional application plans and suggestions in a timely manner: On the one hand, Mr. W can arrange for his children to study in Australia in advance, purchase local real estate, and further deepen the relationship with Australia Life connection. At the same time, the migration agent has compiled a large amount of relevant information about its past participation in important activities in Australia, which fully proves its business dealings with Australia. Not only that, in order to enable Mr. W’s children to enroll in the new semester in time, the migration agent wrote a letter to the Australian Immigration Bureau, requesting to fast track the 155 visa application. In the end, with the joint efforts of the Smart Choice migration team, on 14 Jan 2020 Mr. W’s family got visa 155 grant letter. After arriving in Australia as scheduled, the residence requirements can be fully met and the Australian permanent residence renewed smoothly.