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Case Study – Successfully assisted our client who applied for Subclass 155 Resident Return visa

Case Study 155 Return Visa

Australian Permanent Residence allows the visa holder to remain in Australia indefinitely, and to travel to Australia from overseas for up to five years from the date that the visa was granted.

Offshore applicants who have been outside Australia for more than five continuous years since their permanent resident visa was granted, must demonstrate compelling reasons for their absence. Our client last departed Australia as the holder of a permanent visa in 2000. His status as an ‘Australian permanent resident’ ceased in 2003. His compelling and compassionate reason were varied including serious illness of his wife. After obtaining medical reports and diagnoses from various medical/health professionals, we completed a comprehensive assessment and research of the migration regulations and policies and procedures. Completion of ten-page submission documenting the all-necessary information for Immigration case officer to consider in regards to compelling and compassionate reason for long absence.

Our client, then needed to demonstrate substantial ties that were a benefit to Australia, our client had provided a new employment contract with his current employer who had established a business in regional Queensland that was vital and critical industry to support Australia’s economic recovery. A visa application was lodged and there was enough evidence to convince the case officer that a reasonable person faced with identical circumstances would have made a similar decision to be absent from Australia.

The case officer was satisfied that our client demonstrated substantial ties were a benefit to Australia, and that compelling reasons for his absence were present. The subclass 155 (Resident Return) visa application for our client was approved and our client and his family are residing in regional Australia

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