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Case Study: Our Client Obtained Student Visa After Two Times Visa Denials

Student Visas

Our client Jie, before coming to us at Smart Choise Education & Migration, had previously applied twice for student visas through a different agency, however, unfortunately, both visas were refused. In this seemingly hopeless situation, following two visa denials, our client, determined not to give up on his dream to study in Australia, found our professional immigration consultant through a friends introduction, in the hope that we could help him attain a student visa in Australia.

Through conversations with Jie, we understood his previous agent submitted two student visas in January and March 2019, respectively, the results of these two student visas were refused. According to the content of the refusal letter, the Department of Home Affairs of Australia believed that the applicant had not understood enough about the course he applied for regarding the content study, the time of the course and the regulations of the visa, especially plans failed when the Department of Home Affairs of Australia telephoned the applicant for his survey. During the telephone interview the Department of Home Affairs suspected the applicant did not reflect a strong willingness to return to his home country. They presumed that Jie’s connection between the applicant and his family in China were apparently, not strong enough to constitute an incentive for the applicant to return home after the completion of the proposed study. So that the Home Affaires Department of Australia had reasons to doubt the authenticity of the applicant’s proposed study. The highest level of education Jie has received in his home country was the “Diploma of Urban rail Transit”. The Australian postgraduate course he had applied for was a “Master of Business Administration”. These two courses are in completely different directions, so the Home Affaires Department of Australia did not recognize Jie’s application. They believed that Jie didn’t fully understand the Australian education system and that he did not have a good plan for his future career.

Gaining this insight our migration team applied to The Department of Home Affaires for a FOI “ Freedom of Information”, this way our agent could gain full understanding of the clients background as to why he had been denied. Our migration agent addressed the issues of his visa refusal letter and also the students’ Genuine Temporary Entrant Criterion. Our professional migration team, first decided to help this student fully understand the postgraduate courses that he applied for. Our consultants went into detail at length, regarding course content of the preposed course of study and possible future employment direction. We made long-distance calls with the customer to ensure Jie clearly understood the details of the postgraduate course he applied for. In the next communication, we trained our customer in preparation for his telephone survey the training included regulations and requirements for Australian student visas. Using questions like, why did you choose to apply for the university’s courses? Why did you consider studying in Australia? How will that impact your future employment and salary expectations? How will you economically support yourself during your study? Our professional consultant helped Jie write a personal statement of more than 10,000 words, which proved that the student is a genuine, excellent, and full of good faith person who hoped to study in Australia.


After sufficient preparation and training, we submitted the application on September 11, 2019.On October 18, Jie received a telephone survey from the Home Affairs Department.  Jie answered all the questions from the Immigration Officer with confidence and sincerity and was encouraged by the Immigration Officer. On the second day of October 19, 2019 a four-year valid student visa letter was obtained. The customer Jie expressed sincere gratitude to us. He thanked us for seeing his potential and for our hardworking supportive team at Smart Choice Education & Migration.

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