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Case Study: Tiffany – Student Visa (Subclass 500)

Australia Student Visa (Subclass 500)

Our Chinese client Tiffany was recently granted a student visa. The journey from China to Australia was not an easy one for her.

Tiffany was living in a small city in China called Anshan. She completed a Diploma of Clothing Fabric Design and Testing in 2007 at Dalian Polytechnic University. The domestic employment situation for fabric design is not very optimistic. Tiffany realised it was a crucial stage in her career, and she needed to decide which direction to move. She has a great interest towards business. After few years of management experience, she registered her own business in January 2016. The business focused on vegetable and subsidiary food distribution.

Student Visa Australia Subclass 500

The domestic market competition in this industry is very fierce, and there are strict requirements for personnel management, cost control and distribution team management.  Additionally, Tiffany faced staff management challenges such as high staff turnover, leadership difficulties, organizational changes, budget planning, and strategies planning. She was also trying to expand her business at the same time, and so realised it was time for her to gain more knowledge in business management.

Tiffany had researched gaining a formal business or postgraduate degree in China. However, all Chinese universities require her to have a bachelor’s degree in business management (or equivalent) to enter a business-related postgraduate degree in China. Therefore, she started considering study in Australia as an option. Obtaining a postgraduate degree in Australia is globally recognised. She also wanted to improve her English level so she can expand her business to foreign enterprises.

Studying in Australia was a big decision in Tiffany’s life. Initially, she wanted to come to Australia under a tourist visa to have a look at the environment and institutions before deciding. Tiffany first applied for a tourist visa through a local migration agency. However, her visa application was refused because of insufficient financial evidence. It was likely her first agent didn’t attach all the required documents.

Tiffany still wanted to find a way to study in Australia, so she researched migration agents and found Smart Choice Education and Migration. She reached out through email and we directed her to our Migration and Education Consultant team. After her consultation, our consultants reviewed her situation and studied her case.

As Tiffany is a self-supporting businesswoman, she is very careful about how she spends her money. Coming to Australia meant that Tiffany must put her current business on hold and manage from a distance. She also needed to prepare enough funds to support herself in Australia. Tuition fee was one of the biggest factors she had to consider while choosing an institution in Australia.

Out consultants helped her enrol at Newton College, where the annual tuition is almost three times cheaper than other universities. However, she is still able to learn the same course content as other universities.

Applying for a student visa was very risky since her tourist visa had already been refused. Furthermore, Tiffany is single and there was a very long gap between her periods of study. Therefore, our consultants worked towards making her application as strong as possible. The refusal reason for her tourist visa was lack of evidence, so we worked around this reason while preparing all the documents for her application.

With our professional advice and expertise, Tiffany’s visa was granted in July 2019. Tiffany was very happy when we gave her the good news. She almost lost hope of staying in Australia when her visa was initially refused. But with the help of Smart Choice Education and Migration, she is now one step closer to building her future in Australia.

Smart Choice Education and Migration is determined to help all our clients who are seeking for help. Our experienced migration agents and the education consultants work around the clock to help make your dreams a reality.


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