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Case Study – Student guardian visa holder successfully waived the 8543 condition and be able to renew a visa in Australia now!

Student guardian visa holder

Mrs. T traveled to Australia with her son, on a Student Guardian Visa, one condition on the visa was 8543, which prevented the applicant from making any further onshore visa applications except another student guardian visa as her son has now turned 18 years of age, she was unable to apply for another student guardian visa. In other words, if she wished to apply for another visa for Australia, she would need to leave Australia and apply offshore.

As there is a worldwide pandemic (Covid19) and there is travel restrictions in place, Mrs. T would like to remain in Australia on a visitor visa.

We applied for a waiver of condition 8534 based on changes that have occurred since the grant of a student guardian visa that was beyond the control of the visa holder.

After researching the Migration Regulations to ensure that the applicant meets the correct criteria and also researching the internet to find out the current situation of the pandemic in Beijing, China to provide supporting documentation for the waiver application, the application was lodged.

The Department accepted the compelling reasons to waiver the 8534 condition and the approval was given within 24 hours of lodgement. After successfully having the 8534 condition waived, we are now able to apply for another visa while Mrs. T is in Australia.

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