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Case Study: Spouse Visa & Dependent Child

Spouse Visa & Dependent Child

Case Background

Lisa approached Smart Choice with an extremely complex and difficult case involving a spouse visa which had been refused twice, and then finally approved.

However, with this approval, a dependent child included in her application, was refused a visa due to being deemed no longer dependent on the mother – her enrollment had been cancelled for not going to classes (failure to meet visa conditions).

Our Solution & Case Result

After careful analysis, we provided Lisa with a comprehensive plan to turn this refusal decision around at the Migration Review Tribunal.

During the review process, we assisted the client in providing a thorough and convincing submission, along with supporting documentation to the tribunal. We also ensured that Lisa, her husband and the dependent child were fully briefed on the process.

Usually, the Migration Review Tribunal do not deliver verdicts on the spot. However, on this occasion, 15 minutes into the hearing, a Member of the Tribunal advised that the submission was sufficient and that no further evidence was required – a written decision would follow.  Needless to say, the family was ecstatic, and though the whole process took almost 12 months, it was a sweet victory for all.

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