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Case Study: Prospective Marriage Visa Subclass 300


Jon first met his Australian partner Maria, via internet chat room. where they briefly got to know each other and since then they have been communicating every day.

After texting for about a week, they were both curious about taking it further so they opted for WhatsApp voice/video call, from there they exchanged numbers and got access to other means of communication including Facetime, Snapchat, iMessage and other platforms.

They got to know that they have most things in common and as time goes by, they started developing feelings for each other. They started growing feelings for each other, they decided to meet in person since they have been texting, talking on the phone for a while. Arrangements for the necessary documents needed to secure a visitor visa so they could meet in person for the first time.

Maria arrived in Hong Kong, after her flight from Melbourne to Hong Kong had a slight delay, which kept Jon waiting longer than planned. After being together for 2 months, Maria need to leave to return to Australia
Few days after Maria arrived back in Melbourne, she found out that she was pregnant, BUT Maria had a miscarriage, the doctor suggested for Maria to do an Ultrasound.

The Ultrasound result showed that they were expecting twins but unfortunately one of them didn’t make it and there has been follow up on the baby with a heartbeat.

Maria came to Smart Choice Education & Migration to ask for visa advice for her partner to come to Australia on a Prospective Marriage visa. Application was lodged with numerous supporting documents. Although unable to arrive before the birth of his child (boy), after persistence and providing further more documentation the visa was granted and Jon was able to arrive in Australia just in time for his son’s first birthday.

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