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Case Study: Helping our client to deal with complicated visa issues

Case Study: Student Visa

Our client Esther, before coming to us at Smart Choice Education & Migration, held a student visa to study Master of Business Administration. Finding that this course was more difficult than she thought, she decided to change course to Master of Accounting. Again, this course was tough and she didn’t feel deep in her heart that this was the type of study she wanted to continue. She had a long discussion with her mother who was working as a volunteer with an NGO in Nigeria. Esther came to the conclusion she would like to study nursing so she can give back to the community in her home town in Nigeria. Changing courses from Master degree to diploma, requires a new student visa. This task is not easy, she approached many other agencies and they suggested that I would nearly impossible to drop from a Master’s course to a Diploma course.  was very disappointed as her heart was set on study to be a nurse. A close friend who was studying at the same University recommended her to go to Smart Choice Education & Migration has they have many experienced agents who she believed could assist Esther to fulfil her dream of studying to be a Nurse.

Through conversations with Esther, we understood her desire but on based on past experience it would difficult to gain the right student visa to study a Diploma. But after carefully listening to Esther and her desire to fulfil her dream, our experience migration agent made his “mission” to get the right result for Esther, a new student visa. Providing with the student visa application, a Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement was required, so between our agent and Esther, a statement was devised. The application was lodged. A request from the Immigration case officer asking for statement outlining the reasons why the change to a lower rank course (Diploma) and why to new course of nursing.

The statement included this plea: Completing this course will gain me skills to work with an NGO is my lifelong dream. As you may or may know back in my home country of Nigeria there many, many people who have been disadvantaged with health care to due lack appropriate healthcare and lack of qualified health care professionals. I would ideal like to gain sufficient skills to return to Nigeria to contribute to my local community with any means possible and this can only give me and my people satisfaction that the “god given” right of everybody to have exceptional health and community services and if I contribute in some way I will truly blessed.

This statement prepared proved that the student is a genuine, excellent, and full of good faith person who hoped to continue to study in Australia.

A four-year valid student visa letter was obtained. The customer, Esther expressed sincere gratitude to us. She thanked us for seeing her potential and for our hardworking supportive team at Smart Choice Education & Migration.

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