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Case Study: Accounting students study abroad and immigration

student visa migration

Lin, graduated from Zhejiang University, has 3 years of accounting experience in China. When Mr. Lin found Smart Choice education and enquired to apply for master course, our consultant noticed his accounting major was in SOL, so it was very easy for him to apply for skilled migration visa 189. Since the processing time of skilled immigrants in Australia is about one year, the consultant advises him to apply for visa 189 while studying to save time.

The consultant successfully applied for Master of professional accounting at Monash University for Lin, and then asked him to do a skill assessment during his study at Monash and submitted the EOI. As Lin had international work experience additional points, he quickly received an invitation letter and submitted the visa application. In the second year of his study, Lin had already obtained PR, which means he could pay the same tuition as local students and enjoy Medicare & Centrelink services. It is easier for Lin to find a job with a PR in Australia.

This approach is also suitable for students who have 1-3 years of work experience in China, and majors in computer science, accounting, engineering, and translation.

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