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188B Investment Immigration In Australia: Congratulations to Mr. L Receiving Investment Letter

Business Visa 188B

Mr. L, a senior executive of a financial enterprise, owns multiple properties and multiple funds, and has extensive experience in financial investment and real estate transactions. He decided to migrate to Australia, because he would like to send his children to Australia to enjoy the good education and comfortable life environment. With the strong recommendation of his friend, he contacted us to help him to do the application.

At first, Mr. L intended to apply for visa 188C. However, after checking the documents provided by him, Smart Choice migration agent found that it is hard to explain the source of 5 million Australian dollars which will invest in Australia according to the government requirements. Through many meticulous communications with Mr. L, Smart Choice migration agent found a better immigration plan suitable for him. In the communication, the migration agent found that Mr. L’s investment experience is very rich. He has a lot of income and return on investment in many financial products and real estate investment. He has outstanding performance and is a successful investor. Therefore, the Smart Choice migration agent suggested Mr. L to apply for visa 188B instead. After carefully checking the client’s income and preparing the relevant documents, Smart Choice migration agent help Mr. L clearly explain the source of funds.

After one and a half years waiting, Mr. L successfully obtained the letter of investment from his case officer.

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