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Disallowance Motion – New Skilled Regional Visas Regulations

A disallowance motion was tabled by Senator Fierravanti – Wells, Chair of the Senate Standing Committee on Regulations and Ordinances, on 16 September 2019 to disallow the New Skilled Regional Visa Regulations.
The motion must be decided or withdrawn within 15 sitting days of tabling or the Regulations will automatically be disallowed. The period of 15 sitting days does not expire until after the 16 November 2019 commencement date of these visas.

The disallowance motion was tabled due to a number of concerns with the mechanisms of the Regulations. While it is expected that these issues will be addressed and the disallowance motion will be withdrawn, members should be aware of the motion.

This Committee assesses delegated legislation against a set of scrutiny principles that focus on compliance with statutory requirements, the protection of individual rights and liberties, and principles of parliamentary oversight.

  Source: www.mia.org.au

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