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Case Study: Remaining Relative Visa Subclass 835

Remaining Relative Visa

John came to Australia to study in 2012. After he graduated from Melbourne University, he was successfully got a PR and also prepared to sponsor his parents and his little brother to apply for Contributory Parent visa subclass 143. Due to his little brother is over 25 years old, he cannot apply for visa 143 as a dependent. Smart Choice migration agent advised that his little brother can apply for Remaining Relative visa subclass 835 after his parents got a PR. John’s little brother is studying in Australia with a student visa, so he can submit and wait for visa 835 onshore. John and his families accepted this option.

As the processing time of visa 835 is too long, Smart Choice migration agent also advised that if his little brother meets other visa requirements before visa 835 grant, he can also apply for another visa, such as skilled independent visa or partner visa. John’s parents’ visa 143 has been granted last month and his little brother’s visa 835 application was submitted recently. Now the whole family are living in Australia together. Smart Choice consultant will contact them regularly to help his little brother get a PR as soon as possible.

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